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Better manage your iPhone screenshots with Screenshotter

The free Screenshotter app creates a folder with all of the screenshots on your iPhone.

Screenshot by Screenshotter

If you are a tech blogger or mobile app developer or just someone who happens to take a lot of screenshots on your iPhone, then you undoubtedly have a Camera Roll littered with screenshots. Free iOS app Screenshotter aims to help.

Install Screenshotter, give the app access to your photos, and it then immediately creates a folder -- appropriately labeled Screenshots -- with each and every screenshot on your iPhone. Now, Screenshotter doesn't remove the screenshots from your mess of a Camera Roll in an effort to clean it up. Instead, it just provides a folder of screenshots and nothing but screenshots, which is still useful when searching for a particular screenshot you took a while back.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Screenshotter creates the Screenshots folder automatically to hold copies of all of your screenshots, but the app also lets you select certain screenshots to move to new or existing folders. And you can archive screenshots within the app, which moves them out of your way and to the Archive folder. Archiving screenshots does not remove them from your Camera Roll. In fact, nothing you do within Screenshotter affects the state of your Camera Roll, for good or bad.

You can share from Screenshotter and select among four options: email, text, Facebook, and Twitter.

Screenshotter does not move or backup your screenshots to the cloud; the app runs completely on your iPhone. The developer states that a cloud-backup feature, however, is in the works, which could then help you clear out your Camera Roll so that it contains only photos.

(Via One Thing Well)