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Arrange your iOS home screen any way you like with Makeovr

Tired of the same, boring home screen grid layout that's been around on iOS since its inception? You're going to want to read this.

Blank icons now are placed where app icons once were. Jason Cipriani/CNET

There's no way anyone can dispute the claim that Android is better than iOS when it comes to customization options. Beyond the ability to install launchers and overhaul the entire look of an Android device, users are able to arrange icons however they please on the home screen.

But iOS users aren't as fortunate, as Apple has stuck with its tried and true (more like tired) grid layout.

However, from time to time a workaround pops up allowing an iOS user to take more control over his or her home screen. Such is the case with Makeovr.io, as first covered by Apple Insider.

This free site creates custom icons, each of which belong in a specific spot on your home screen. As you can see in the screenshots below, the service shows you the placement for each icon. When an icon is in its proper spot, you have a pseudo-blank space where no app icon is visible.

The process for adding a home screen icon to your iOS device. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

The end result gives off the perception of an iOS home screen with icons placed anywhere you wish -- like a rebel, but sans jailbreak.

To use the service, visit http://makeovr.io/ using your iPhone 5, 6 or 6 Plus and follow the prompts. You'll need to change your home screen wallpaper to one of the select few on the site, or go through the process of uploading your own wallpaper and waiting for the service to create icons (it takes just a few seconds).

Sure, it takes a bit of time to setup and it's not perfect, but it's a solution that'll have to do.