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Add to your Feedbin using a Safari bookmarklet

Using a simple bookmark, you can save the RSS feed of the current page you're viewing to your account.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

I'm always looking for an easier way to subscribe to new RSS feeds. With most of my browsing of new sites coming on my iPhone or iPad, due to following links on Twitter to new sites, I wanted to figure out a quick way to add a feed to Feedbin without having to copy and paste the URL into another app.

I figured the easiest way would be to use a Safari bookmark that would send the URL of the site I was currently viewing to Feedbin, and subscribe me to its main feed. My idea was to find something similar to the javascript method for opening links in 1Password.

As I began searching for the premade bookmark, I came across this post on Feedbin's blog about making subscribing to new feeds as easy as possible. The method outlined in the post utilizes a unique e-mail address assigned to your account for subscribing to new feeds. But, as simple as that might sound, I didn't want to take the extra steps of sending an e-mail.

However, after reading through the entire post, I found a URL scheme to subscribe to feeds just before the last line of the post -- jackpot. With the URL scheme found, all that remained was the javascript portion and I would be able to quickly save feeds.

Instead of boring you even further with the javascript portion, let's take a look at the script and how to save it as a bookmark in mobile Safari.

As you can see, the text below is now the saved address and I have entered a custom name into the bookmark. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

The first thing you'll need to do is create and save a new bookmark to your favorites in Safari. You can carry out these steps on a Mac if you have iCloud syncing of bookmarks enabled, otherwise you'll need to follow along on your iOS device.

The site you use to create a bookmark doesn't matter because we are going to change the information in the next step anyway.

After creating the bookmark, copy this text:


Now go back and edit the bookmark you just created. Change the name of the bookmark to something along the lines of "Subscribe in Feedbin." The name doesn't matter, just make sure it's something you'll recognize.

In the address field, clear out the current address and paste the text you copied from above. Save the bookmark and go back to Safari.

To test your bookmark, visit any Web page and view your favorite bookmarks in Safari and select the bookmark you just created. Feedbin should then open up, with the URL of the site you were viewing populated in the subscription field. If there's only one feed for the page, Feedbin will automatically subscribe for you. When there's more than one feed, you'll be prompted to specify the feed you want to add.