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Add highlighting or sticky notes to any Web page

When doing research or visiting a favorite Web site, keeping a few notes can always be handy.

An example of what you'll be able to do after completing the steps below. Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

If you're reading many different Web sites about one topic, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of what materials you want on each site you visit. Instead of printing everything out before you've made solid decisions on what to use, just add some highlighting and sticky notes so you'll remember what you needed later. Here's how to get started with an easier way to do research in Chrome:

Step 1: Install Diigo: Bookmark, Archive, Highlight & Sticky-Note.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

Step 2: Click on the Diigo icon in the Extensions Toolbar and select "Sign in" to save.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

Step 3: Sign in with an existing service (Google, Twitter, Facebook, OpenID) or create a Diigo account.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

Step 4: After being signed in, browse to any page and click the Diigo icon again to access the extension's tools.

Step 5: Make notes on the page as you see fit!

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

To highlight text:
Click the highlighter tool and select the text (as though you were going to copy it from the page). When you deselect the text you will notice the background of it has changed to the chosen highlight color.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

To create a sticky note:
Select the sticky-note option. Enter the text you want the note to display in the text area that appears. Once created, you can click and drag the sticky-note to any location on the screen. The small size is great for staying out of the way when reading the rest of the Web site.

This extension is also great for when Web sites do giveaways, podcasts, or other reader-related events that you'll want to remember. Instead of cluttering your calendar, just make a note on the page and you'll see a reminder on each visit.