Quick tip: Add events to Google Calendar via the search box

Google just rolled out a new way to add events to your calendar without leaving the homepage. As an added bonus, Chrome users can use this feature from the omnibox.

When you want to create a new event on Google Calendar from your phone, you can use the Google Search app to listen to your voice commands. While the desktop version of Search has fallen a bit behind, Google is starting to incorporate some of the commands you'd use on your phone into their homepage. While these commands are still text-based, some progress is being made.

To set a calendar event from the Google homepage (search box), or even the Chrome omnibox, type your event in the following format:

create event [day of week] at [time of day + AM/PM] [event name or details]

Example: create event monday at 8am turn in writing to copy

The event info card appears after you enter the necessary details. Nicole Cozma/CNET

According to the Google Operating System blog, you can use create event, add event, new event, add meeting, or schedule appointment to initiate the event creation.

After you type in your event, you'll need to verify that you want to add it to the calendar by clicking Create event under the info card.

The event has been added to the calendar. Nicole Cozma/CNET

You may prefer using this method for setting events when at your computer because it doesn't require opening another link (Calendar) and then locating the date and time -- you can just type it in!

Do you think this new feature is useful? If not, what do you think would make it better?

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