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5 subscription box gifts for your cat (or cat-owning friends)

Buy your cat's love with toys and treats.

The best way to bribe your kitty this holiday season is with a cat subscription box gift. These companies will deliver toys, treats and cat-themed accessories to your doorstep every month.

These boxes also make great gifts for the cat ladies (and cat men) in your life. There's even a box designed just for people who love cats and, um, don't have any (seriously). Here are five awesome cat subscription boxes to check out this year.

A cat plays with her Purr Packs loot.

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Price: $15.29-$40 per month plus $5 shipping

PurrPacks doesn't lock you into the monthly or bimonthly cycle. You can choose how often you want your subscription box to be delivered (every 1-12 months), and you'll save 10 percent off the price of the box with any recurring subscription.

PurrPacks comes in four different sizes to suit different households: The Slim Pack costs $17 per month and features four to five products; the Teaser Pack costs $25 per month and features five to seven products; the Fun & Love Pack costs $30 per month and features seven to nine products; and the Mega Pack costs $40 per month and features nine or more products.

For all packs except the Slim Pack, you can choose the type of treats your cat will receive (seafood, poultry, beef or a mix of the three), or you can opt for a treat-less box. Box prices do not include shipping, which is $5 per box for anywhere in the continental US (the box also ships to the UK and Canada for an additional charge).

The Cat Kit

Price: $35 per month; $100 per three months plus $5 shipping

The Cat Kit

The Cat Kit is the perfect subscription box to give to your cat-loving (and cat-owning) friend. This subscription box features two to four cat-themed items for people, such as cat-shaped mugs and cat-printed tote bags, and two to four toys and treats for cats. Each box costs $35 plus $5 shipping, but you'll save 8 percent on the price of the box if you buy a three-month subscription.

The Cat Kit boxes follow a theme. November's theme was "The Cookie Kit" and featured things like an oven mitt with cats on it and a cat-shaped cookie cutter, plus cookie-themed cat toys, so they make great gifts for people who aren't you (and your cat).


Price: $35-$40 per month; $100-$116 per three months

Screenshot by Sarah Jacobsson Purewal

The CatLadyBox is the perfect subscription box to gift your cat-loving friend who doesn't own cats. This box features two different options: the CatLadyBox, which features three cat-themed items for people, and the Crazy CatLadyBox, which features three cat-themed items for people plus two or three toys and treats for cats. Cat-themed items are things like clothing, jewelry, accessories and home goods (such as cat-shaped clocks or mugs). Because the CatLadyBox sometimes sends T-shirts, each box can be customized with the recipient's shirt size (S-XXXL, unisex). Shipping is free within the continental US, and the box also ships to Canada and the UK for an additional charge.


Price: $20-$30 per month


The KitNipBox comes in two flavors: Happy Cat, which has around five toys and treats and works well for one cat, and Multi-Cat, which has the Happy Cat items plus two or three additional toys and treats. All of the treats featured in the KitNipBox are made in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and many are organic or grain-free (there's also a no-food/treat-free option if your cat has allergies). The Happy Cat box costs $20 per month and the Multi-Cat box costs $30 per month. Both boxes ship free to the US, and ship to Canada ($6.95 shipping per box) as well as Europe, Mexico and Australia ($7.95 shipping per box).


Price: $30 per month


RescueBox is a subscription box that uses your money to give back to shelter pets and animals in need. Instead of offering a discount for longer subscriptions, RescueBox takes those "savings" and puts them toward donations. A one-month subscription to RescueBox vaccinates two shelter pets and provides 5 pounds of food, while a 12-month subscription vaccinates 120 shelter pets and provides 300 pounds of food, according to the company. Each RescueBox for cats features a mix of four or five items: cat treats and toys, plus rescue-related products for people (such as a mousepad or a bracelet).