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5 essential Windows Phone 7 tips

If you're new to Windows Phone 7, uncover these five useful tips that customize your interface and help you navigate faster.

If you recently picked up a Windows Phone 7 device, it's probably your first time using the operating system. It's new to all of us, and with a new OS comes a host of fresh tricks, features, and tips to uncover.

We did some digging for you and discovered five essential tips every WP7 owner should master. Watch the video to get the tips:

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  1. 3-in-1 calculator: On the face of it, the built-in calculator is one for basic computing. However, rotate your device left and right to get access to a scientific calculator.

  2. Launch camera while locked: If your phone is ever locked when you need to capture a photo-worthy moment, now you're in luck: hold and press the camera button for 3 seconds while the device is locked to take a quick snapshot.

  3. Remove, rearrange apps: To remove an app from the start screen, press and hold it, then tap the icon at the top-right corner. To rearrange an icon, tap and drag it to the desired location.

  4. Add a contact, Web site to the start screen: If you have a Web site you visit often (like Facebook, of course) or a contact you want to put on speed dial, you can pin them to the start screen.

    Head to the Web site you want to add and zoom in on the area of the page you'd like to display as the icon. Then tap the three dots at the bottom and select "Pin to start."

    To add a contact to the start screen, go to "People," tap and hold the contact you'd like to add, and select "Pin to start."
  5. Learn the settings: Windows Phone 7 has two ubiquitous features: three dots and long-pressing. You'll find the three dots in nearly every app, as they give you access to a menu full of settings.

    Long-pressing is akin to right-clicking. If you ever want to access more options for a specific element (like a calendar item) long-press it to discover a menu of options.

Know of any tips we missed? Let us know in the comments below and we'll include them in the next roundup!