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3 quick tips to prevent pocket-dialing on Android

Learn how to stop being that person who accidentally calls all of their friends.

When you accidentally call someone from your phone, they may hear background noise in your house, or a conversation they shouldn't be privy to. Even worse, it could be an international number that is extremely expensive to call! Here are three tips to help you prevent pocket-dialing from your Android phone.

1. Install an app that confirms calls before you make them. It is unlikely that you will select someone to call and manage to hit the Call button in the confirmation window. There are many choices for this style of app, in this example Call Confirm was used. 

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

2. Avoid putting direct-dial shortcuts for friends and family on the home screen of your phone. However, you can still use this type of shortcut on another screen, to the left or right. You'll only have to swipe your finger in that direction and then press on the shortcut, which is still easier than finding them in the phone book.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma

3. Try setting up a screen lock. This will prevent all use of the phone until you enter the pin, pattern, or password. You can find more information about choosing the best method of lock screen security here

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma