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CES 2022: Your Whirlpool oven may have just gotten an air-fryer upgrade

Several of the brand's existing ovens got remote updates today, including an air fryer mode and a smart thermometer integration.


If you've been eyeing an air fryer to get a healthier start to 2022, give a quick check to your main oven before you pull the trigger. If it's one of several Whirlpool smart ovens and ranges, you're getting an air-fryer upgrade coming your way as soon as today. The kitchen brand announced today that five of its smart oven models are eligible for an Air Fry Mode to be virtually installed, along with a brand-new integration with Yummly smart thermometers. 

Both of Whirlpool's new oven features are available via over-the-air updates, meaning owners can install the new functions remotely and without a live technician. It'll only require working Wi-Fi connectivity as well as downloading the Whirlpool smart oven app to install them. Do that and you'll be air-frying crispy wings and French fries that taste like they've been deep-fried but with little or no oil. Air fryers work by circulating hot air at a faster pace than normal convection cooking, giving food a crispy outside while keeping the inside moist. 

The Yummly integration will sync Whirlpool ovens with Yummly smart thermometers to nail the internal temps on select recipes including poultry, fish, rib roasts and other cuts of meat. The thermometer must be purchased separately and can be had for around $130.

The following Whirlpool ovens are eligible for the free air fryer mode and Yummly updates as of today: 

Don't own one of these qualifying smart ovens? Don't worry. Solo air fryers aren't terribly expensive. Just check out our list of the best air fryers for 2022

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