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A pellet grill and smoker is down to $295 right now (save $98)

Try your hand at easy low-and-slow BBQ with this deeply discounted wood-pellet grill.

Z Grills

If you keep up on your grilling trends I won't have to tell you that pellet grills are (pardon the pun) hot right now. Traeger is the brand that helped put wood-pellet grills squarely back on the BBQ map and converts to the pellet-smoker club laud them for the smokiness they impart on food via various types of wood pellets, which act as fuel. They're also far more conducive to low and slow BBQ -- ribs, brisket, smoked chicken -- just like the stuff professional pit masters make. 

If you're pellet grill-curious but not ready to plop down four figures on a Traeger, or Weber's take on the pellet grill, the SmokeFire, there's a smaller Z Grills Pellet Grill on sale at Amazon for under $300 -- it normally retails for $400 or more. This would make for a great starter pellet grill or a gift for someone new to the smoker game. 

A couple things to keep in mind before plunking down your cash on this grill: It's quite a bit smaller than most grills -- pellet grills included -- so if you're planning on making this your main grill for barbecues and nightly dinner, know that it might be a tight fit. I also did a deep dive into the verified purchase reviews and there's one complaint about the temperature consistency that seems to come up more than any other. It seems like the auger that autofeeds pellets from the hopper needs adjusting manually to keep the temp steady so you might not be able to set it, even on low, and just walk away for hours. 

But if you've got a propane or charcoal grill you love and want to give this modern pellet-smoker grill a try, this is about as low as you'll see a pellet grill go. And with Father's Day around the corner, it could be a fun project for Dad as we roll into barbecue season. 

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