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Traeger's Fancy New Pellet Smokers Have Sky-High Price Tags

These redesigned Timberline pellet grills are Traeger's most capable and expensive yet.

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Traeger's new Timberline pellet grills have a refreshed design and new extra features.

Pellet grill maker Traeger will kick off this year's outdoor cooking season with two new premium smokers. Priced at a sky-high $3,499 and $3,799 respectively, the Timberline and Timberline XL are revamped versions of Traeger's current Timberline series.

According to the company, these upcoming products will boast significant enhancements. Specifically Traeger says it's increased the range of the Timberline's Wi-Fi antenna. Similar to Weber's 2022 grill lineup, there's also a built-in light under the hood for cooking at night.

Compared to the current models, each grill will offer more room. The new Timberline comes with 865 square inches of cooking space while the Timberline XL provides 1,320 square inches.

Perhaps the biggest upgrade is the two wireless temperature probes bundled with both new Timberlines. Lastly, the Timberline will ship with an induction cooktop for simmering sauces, searing steaks or anything in between.

All these extras won't come cheap and these grills will be luxury purchases for sure. Expect Traeger's new Timberline grills to ship later this spring in the US and Canada.