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Segway's new lawn robot uses GPS to cut your grass

This is the personal transport company's first foray into the home. Well, the yard.


You might be used to dodging Segways on the sidewalk, but get those cleats tuned up because the personal transport company is taking things to the grass. The Navimov is the brand's first entry into the lawn-care category and it's something of a fancy robot lawnmower that can find its own way to grass that needs cutting, thank you very much. 

While it's not the first robotic lawnmower, the Navimov's value proposition against a competitive set is that it doesn't require boundary cords as with most other devices in the category. Rather, it relies on something called the Exact Fusion Locating System -- also known as "GPS" -- to allow "precise positions and systematic mowing patterns" in an effort you get you that perfectly manicured lawn without having to, ya know, actually mow it. 

"At the core of this technology is the use of GPS satellite signals to achieve outdoor positioning accurate to within two centimeters through real-time kinematics," explains George Ren, general manager at Segway BU.

According to Segway, the company's first robotic lawnmower is designed for a lawn area of up to 3,000 square meters (32,291 square feet) and is the "quietest mower on the market with only 54 decibels." Other features of the smart lawnmower include offset blades that allow cutting as close as possible to edges and corners. Oh, and if those pesky kids, pets or flowers get in the way, Segway says the Navimov can detect them automatically and avoid them or else Blade Halt technology immediately kicks in and stops the mower.

We reached out about pricing and availability for the Navimov but had not heard back at the time of this writing. We'll update with that information when we get it.

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