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Gear up for camping season with savings up to $300 on Solo Stove fire pit bundles

Whether you're hitting the road for camping, or are getting ready for summertime bonfires, Solo Stove has a bundle that's right for you.

Solo Stove

While the outdoors season might be over for some of us, sunny skies and clear trails are just around the corner. And the best time to gear up is right now. Solo Stove, the maker of our pick for the best smokeless fire pit of the year, is offering up to 45% off its fire pit bundles in an extended holiday sale. Solo Stove has had these deals flickering on and off over the past few weeks, and there's no clear-cut expiration for this wave. If you're itching to get back on the road come spring, we'd recommend acting sooner rather than later. 

Solo Stove's sleek, stainless steel fire pits feature a perforated base for an efficient fire that makes using them and cleaning up almost effortless. Designed for a variety of settings, these fire pits come in three different sizes, ranging from 15 to 38 pounds. Bundles come in four tiers; the entry-level option only includes the fire pit and a basic stand, while the Backyard bundle adds a weather cover and mesh screen lid. The Ultimate bundle includes all of that, as well as a stainless steel poker, tongs and roasting sticks. There is also the Cooking bundle, which includes a fire pit and a cast-iron grill with an elevated hub. All bundle tiers are available for all three fire pit sizes.