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Does UPS Deliver on Labor Day? Shipping Info for FedEx, USPS and More

Will your delivery be coming today? Let's check.

Labor Day is finally here. If you've already been shopping Labor Day sales and have some inbound packages that you're waiting for, odds are that you're wondering whether they'll arrive today or not. Shipping companies, which include UPS, Fedex and even the US Postal Service, all operate on different schedules. 

This can make anticipating deliveries a bit difficult, despite USPS offering a service to show you what's coming before it arrives.

Don't worry, though. We've check out the schedules to find out if FedEx, USPS and UPS deliver on Monday, Sept. 5.


Does UPS deliver on Labor Day?

Unfortunately, UPS is closed for pickup and delivery service on Sept. 5, which is Labor Day. This means that while packages may move around between hubs, no deliveries will be made and all UPS Store physical locations will also be closed.

Normal service will resume on Tuesday, Sept. 6. Looking for other days that will be affected by UPS closures? Check out this full list of holidays now.


Labor Day and FedEx deliveries

Unlike UPS, things are a little more complicated with FedEx since the company has so many delivery divisions. For the most part, residential deliveries are closed on Monday, Sept. 5 and will resume on Sept. 6.

Select services will be running in at least limited capacity. FedEx Office stores will have modified hours, FedEx Same-Day City services will be modified and FedEx Custom Critical will remain open. Regular services like FedEx Ground, Express and Home Delivery are all closed for Labor Day.

For a full list of holidays that FedEx closes for, be sure to check out this list from the carrier.

Angela Lang/CNET

USPS is closed on Labor Day

The United States Post Office will not be making deliveries or mail pickups on Monday, Sept. 5. The service is shut down for Labor Day and will resume normal operations on Tuesday, Sept. 6. 

For a complete list of holiday's that USPS does not deliver on, be sure to check out this USPS page

Sarah Tew/CNET

No Prime deliveries from Amazon on Labor Day

While we may think that Amazon never closes, that's not actually the case. Amazon closes for seven holidays, one of which is Labor Day. This means that the warehouse locations and delivery operations are closed, so you will not receive any Prime deliveries on Monday, Sept. 5.

For a full list of Amazon paid company holidays, be sure to check out this page.


DHL trucks stay parked

Like others, DHL will be closed on Labor Day. This means that all DHL offices, as well as pickup and delivery operations will be shut down on Sept. 5 and will resume normally on Tuesday, Sept. 6. 

For a complete list of days that DHL operations are closed, be sure to check out this page on DHL's site.