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Defeat the heat with $150 off this backyard water park

You don't have to suffer in the heat: This inflatable water park can keep you cool on a budget.

Inflatable Water Park
Best Buy

While the rest of your friends and family are on Facebook complaining about the heat, complete with memes about how their state is somehow closer to the sun than the rest of the world, you have the opportunity to show off how well you are doing. The Banzai Inflatable Water Park is not only available to order for quick delivery from Best Buy, you can buy it for $150 less than its usual $500 price.

"Inflatable water park" really describes this thing well: It's got a climbing wall leading to a slide, a basketball hoop, two water cannons and a variety of places to hang out and enjoy the cold water. It's impossible for you to have this in your backyard and not have jealous neighbors, even if you don't have kids. OK, so maybe the stares will be slightly different if you don't have kids -- but what do you care? You'll be relaxing and feeling good while everyone else is suffering in the heat.