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Save 20% on our favorite smokeless portable fire pit and grill (Update: Deal expired)

The BioLite features mesh sides so you can watch the flames and a fan system to reduce smoke output.


It's hard to find deals on bathing suits and grills this time of year. While I don't have any leads on swimmies for ya, I did find a CNET-tested and approved smokeless grill and fire pit combo at a cool 20% off -- down to $225 (plus free shipping). It's the BioLite wood and charcoal burning FirePit+ and it doubles as a hibachi grill. Or it's an easy hibachi grill that doubles as a fire pit -- it's up to you. I tested one in the spring and found that it excelled in both roles, landing it on my list of best portable grills for 2021

The FirePit+ is light, luggable and can be carried down to the beach or moved around the yard. It has mesh sides so you can watch the fire and there's even a small app-controlled fan fastened to the side to help feed the fire and reduce smoke. I found the fan helped, although it doesn't ever get complete control of the size and intensity of the flames and there is still smoke, albeit far less than your average fire pit fire. 

Accessories for the FirePit+ are also on sale including a grill lid for more serious cooking endeavors and a griddle, perfect for camping breakfast.