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Best Grill and BBQ Tools Under $25

These budget-friendly grilling gadgets will make your next sizzle session way more fun.

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As we roll into the dog days of August, you likely have your grill in good order. If not, we've tested a few of the top full-sized grills and small grills to keep summer sizzling. Beyond the grill, there are some barbecue tools and grilling gadgets that'll make your next searing session easier, more efficient and more fun.

The good news is many of these accessories don't cost a ton but can make a serious impact. A basket for grilling fish and vegetables, for instance, will keep those delicate foods from breaking apart and falling through the grates. And if your tongs and spatula are looking a little worn and weary, upgrading to a solid set of grill tools will make flipping chicken and burgers a flippin' delight. 

So go jiggle the propane tank and peruse our list of the best grill tools under $25.

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Williams Sonoma

If you're only using your tongs for tonging, they could definitely be working harder. These innovative tongs have a spatula and scraper built right in to save you some space on the rack. 

Shark BBQ makes a similar tool for $21, but I have yet to test this one out.

Bright Eyes

If your grill isn't in a well-lit place, consider a simple clamp-on grill light such as this $22 number and sizzle late into the night. 

BBQ Guys

A bit of smart design allows for multiple use with this grilling companion. The deep container will hold your meats and marinade without spilling. Later, when things are cooked, collapse it down into a cutting board to slice and serve. Just make sure to rinse it or flip to prevent cross-contamination.


Thanks to this wireless thermometer there's no need to hover around the hot grill to ensure the perfect cook. Keep the remote handy within a 300-foot radius and you'll get a beep when your meal is ready. Take advantage of preset temperatures for nine types of meat and poultry, or input your own if you have a particular preference. 

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Sur La Table

If an item is too small or delicate to cook directly on the grates, don't let that deter you from using your grill. Simply lay down these sheets made of flexible PTFE and you can cook eggs, chopped vegetables or that pricey fillet of fish without worrying about any food falling through the cracks. Don't be afraid to crank up the heat -- they can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees. As an added bonus, the sheets are dishwasher safe so cleanup is a cinch.


Don't ask me why but most grills don't come with a drink holder. Fear not, this Cuisinart magnetic beverage caddy is here to help.

Home Depot

Don't flip out if you're tasked with manning a busy grill. This heavy-gauged chrome steel basket will ensure an even cook on multiple items with a single turn. Its extra-large size can handle anything from thinly sliced summer squash to a thick porterhouse steak.


You won't find a better baster than this heat-resistant mop. The key is the multinubbed silicone bristles that are able to retain more sauce than your average BBQ brush. Clean-up doesn't get any easier -- just unscrew the head and let the dishwasher do the work. 


The dreaded scraping of the grates brings about as much joy as receiving a lump of coal for Christmas. If you want a quick and easy way to remove all the gunk that's gotten up in your grill, behold Weber's three-sided wire brush featuring shorter sides to clean edges and dislodge debris from those grates.


Buttering your buns is a BBQ must, but if you have a lot of burgers and dogs on your plate, the task can become cumbersome. But thanks to this nifty gadget you can get your slather on quickly and easily. If grilled cheese, garlic bread or corn on the cob is on the menu, be sure to take it for a spin.

Williams Sonoma

Engage in some TMNT villain cosplay while shredding some delicious barbecued meat. The ergonomically shaped handles on these sharp claws (a set of two is included) will help transform your Boston butt and breasts into pulled pork and chicken quickly and easily -- not to mention using them is a whole lot of fun.

Sur La Table/Chowhound

Elevate grilled salmon, pork and vegetables by cooking them atop cedar planks, which ensure a gentle cook and add a distinct but subtle smoky flavor. The spread makes for a fun, rustic table setting, so no need to transfer to a serving plate. The planks are reusable and even when they begin to deteriorate they can be repurposed as smoking chips.


OK, this one just edged over our $25 price limit but it's worth it. Look sharp and remain stain-free with this durable and size-adjustable apron. Equipped with two loops for towel and tongs and four pockets (including one that zips so your phone doesn't fall out when you bend over), you can keep your cooking tools (and anything else you need) close at hand.

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