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Always Be Prepared With 20% Off Customizable VSSL Survival Kits

Build your own outdoor survival kit with over 30 different pieces of survival gear and emergency equipment to choose from.

Max McHone
A black VSSL container with several tins filled with survival gear including matches, thread and a whistle.

Summer is just around the corner, and that means that lots of people are going to be heading out on far-flung adventures in the coming weeks and months. But whether you're camping, hiking, backpacking or even just heading out on a quick road trip, its essential to be prepared for emergencies. VSSL makes compact and customizable survival kits and, today only, you can build your own for 20% off. There's no promo code needed, just build your kit and the discount will be applied during checkout.

VSSL kits are great because they let you pick and choose what supplies you want to add, something that's paramount when you're limited on space. VSSL kits come in three different sizes, mini ($10), medium ($13) and large ($15) and come in over 10 different colors. You can even add equipment to the VSSL container itself with different end cap attachments, including compasses, flashlights and carabiner clips. Inside, you VSSL kit is packed full of individual tins with a variety of survival gear and first aid kits. There are over 30 different tins to choose from, and they contain everything from fire starters to fishing tackle to first aid tools and more. The amount you can fit in your VSSL kit will ultimately depend on your container size and which tins you choose, as some are larger than others. You can always grab extra tins, too, and swap them out for different activities and adventures.