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Add solar-powered LEDs to any outdoor umbrella today for 40% off

The party shouldn't stop because the sun went down.

outdoor lights
Touch of Eco

Who doesn't love a great big umbrella to hang out under on a hot day? They're the perfect summer accessories for any backyard or beach trip, but they get considerably less useful as the sun starts to go down. Unless you have a solar panel with a ton of LEDs to turn your light protection into light production. While some umbrellas come with LEDs baked in for a hefty price tag, you can add light to your existing umbrella today for just $24.

The Touch of Eco solar lights are dead simple: A small solar panel goes on top, and eight connected strands fo light get connected to the spines of your umbrella underneath. The battery in the solar panel will store power all day while you hang out in the sun, and as soon as the sun goes down these lights will automatically turn on and deliver just enough light for you to enjoy yourself outside for a few more hours. It's perfect thing for nice, warm evenings.