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The Best TikTok Gifts That Are Actually Worth the Hype

These viral products are useful and thoughtful and would make excellent gifts.

Marlen Cimaglia
Marlen has been a writer and editor for the past 10 years, covering beauty, fashion and commerce. When she's not writing, she's traveling abroad and exploring new cities.
Marlen Cimaglia
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$23 at Amazon
Garbie Watercolors
Grabie watercolors
The ultimate watercolor set
$500 at Best Buy
Meta Quest 3
A VR headset for the ultimate mixed-reality experience
$70 at Amazon
Pukami armless office chair
An ADHD-friendly computer chair
$50 at Amazon
Full-size grip Switch controller
Full-size grip Switch controller
An easy-to-hold Switch controller
$20 at Sephora
Laneige lip sleeping mask
Hydrate those lips
$13 at Bellanomi
Bellanomi African Net Sponge
African net sponge from Bellanomi
For an upgraded shower experience
$52 at Amazon
 Fisher-Price Baby Playmat Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym
Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym
The ultimate toy for a newborn
$16 at Shein
TikTok weekender bag
Large-capacity travel bag
A weekend bag perfect for overpackers
$35 at Amazon
Bitvae Water Dental Flosser
Bitvae portable water flosser
A water flosser with different modes
$17 at SushyGlow
SushyGlow tint
'Killer Bunny' Bloody Tint
A natural tint for the makeup lover

We've all heard of products having cult followings, but TikTok has taken that concept to a whole new level. With millions of content creators discovering and trying new products, we've been exposed to interesting gadgets, innovative self-care accessories, and eye-catching fashion finds that we might not have seen otherwise. And many of these would make for excellent gifts. However, not every item that an influencer posts about is a hit, so we sifted through a wide array of products to separate the wheat from the chaff.

We've found everything from ADHD-friendly computer chairs to compact watercolor kits for the avid hobbyist to baby toys that new parents swear by. There's something for everyone on this list -- whether they're a gamer or makeup enthusiast -- and each item is sure to be a hit when given as a gift. These are some of the trendiest items on TikTok right now. Snap them up for your favorite TikTok lover.


Whether your giftee is an artist or is constantly looking to take up a new hobby, this watercolor set will be right up their alley. I'm the type of person who has 30 different craft hobbies, and this is one of my favorite kits, thanks to how easy it is to paint on a whim with it. Not only does the compact case come with 50 different colors, but the set also has a nylon paintbrush; six detail brushes to help create fine lines and shading; and a handy water brush-pen that makes painting on the go easy and fuss-free.

Scott Stein/CNET

Step up their VR experience by upgrading it with a Meta Quest 3, our top pick for the best VR headset of 2024. This headset allows for more-intuitive interactions, more-accurate precision, and realistic sensations, helping you immerse yourself better in the game or app. Plus, you can do more than just game on this set. You can also learn how to play the piano, attend workout classes in studios, and even attend your favorite band's concert, all from the comfort of your home.


This is a fan-favorite product on ADHD-Tok, since the chair is big enough to let folks sit cross-legged in the seat. Sitting with your legs tucked under you helps you focus more and fidget less, creating a better work or school environment. Plus, the chair is stylish and ergonomic, which means it'll seamlessly blend into any home office.

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Does your giftee love to play on their Switch? If so, they'll appreciate this innovative Switch controller. Its unique design gives the gamer on your list a better grip, which is more ergonomic and allows them to play for longer without getting tired. Plus, it's got really cool lighting effects.


If you know someone who's a fan of beauty products -- or has chronically dry lips -- Laneige's lip sleeping mask is a great gift. Slather the vitamin C-infused mask on before bed for some instant TLC. You'll wake up with hydrated, supersoft lips. It comes in a variety of flavors, but with this set, you can try four of them: berry, mango, sweet candy and peach iced tea.


Give the gift of self-care with the help of this exfoliating African net sponge. Unlike a sponge or shower puff -- which don't slough off any dead skin -- this net will help you exfoliate in the shower. This will leave users with softer, cleaner skin, making it a sure hit with anyone on your list who loves skin care or self-care.


Every single parent content creator will agree on this: The Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym is hideous but highly effective. It might not be aesthetically pleasing, thanks to its neon colors and busy prints, but newborns and babies absolutely love it. New parents often struggle with how to play with their little ones, but this thing will have them going to town. They'll kick the piano keys, play with the dangling toys, and coo into the hanging mirror. It's the perfect distraction for when new parents need 30 uninterrupted minutes to drink coffee or unwind.

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If you're shopping for someone who goes on constant trips or getaways, this travel bag could be just the ticket. Not only does the price make it an incredible deal, but the bag also comes in fun colors and designs, and it's ridiculously roomy. Faith Chihil, CNET social media producer, had this to say: "I just bought this bag in purple, and I love it. I can easily fit all my stuff (I'm an overpacker) for a weekend stay. Major points for it having a luggage strap, so I'll be trying out taking it on a flight."  


This water flosser is a fan favorite on TikTok because of how versatile it is. It has three modes (clean, massage, jet) and five pressure settings. Because it has so many different pressure options, it's also considered one of the more powerful flossers on the market, which is important if you want to remove all the bacteria and plaque in between your teeth. Get this for the health-conscious person on your list, and they'll appreciate the upgrade.


Trtl travel pillow

Stay comfortable while traveling

Our editors have been fans of the Trtl travel pillow for years, so we weren't surprised to see it go viral on TikTok last year. Yes, this scarflike pillow looks a little silly, but that's well worth the extra shut-eye you'll get on long flights. It's also lightweight and takes up much less packing space than traditional travel pillows.


If you have a makeup enthusiast on your list, then treat them to the viral "Killer Bunny" Bloody Tint. This product can be used on cheeks and lips, leaving behind a natural, pinkish-red hue. It's especially great for re-creating the TikTok-approved "sunburn" makeup trend, where you put blush across your cheeks and nose bridge to mimic a subtle sunburn. Thanks to its reddish hue, it creates a natural sun-kissed effect.