Sun's take on 'building the future'

In response to the Newsmakers interview with Hewlett-Packard's Martin Fink by Karen Southwick, "":

I'm disappointed that Hewlett-Packard's Martin Fink seems to want to detract from Sun's efforts to drive open standards and open source across the planet. I, and the 35,000 professionals at Sun who contributed to the delivery of OpenOffice.org, StarOffice, Java and the Java Desktop System, stand proudly behind them.

Unlike HP, we at Sun Microsystems have the temerity to believe that responsibility to the community is best demonstrated by investing in research and development, and on shipping the products we develop that run on Linux and our Solaris operating system. We're not simply standing on the sidelines, attempting to monetize the work of others. Reselling Linux, PCs or flat-panel televisions isn't making a contribution--it's being a reseller.

HP customers worried by HP's apparent "No products, no agenda" philosophy can rest comfortably knowing that Sun is eager to relieve them of their anxiety with a full portfolio of innovative network computing products and services. From the Java Desktop System to our breakthrough $100 per employee Java Enterprise System, we invest billions in R&D to automate and simplify network computing.

While HP struggles to define itself, throwing money into music download services, while HP-UX wastes away, Sun continues to invest in building the future--with products and HP-UX migration services, not empty rhetoric.

Jonathan Schwartz
Executive VP, Sun Microsystems