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Zynga brings Words With Friends to Facebook

The popular Scrabble-like game is the first that Zynga has ported from a mobile platform to the world's largest social network.

Words With Friends is no longer a mobile game.

Words With Friends can now be played on Facebook, the game's publisher, Zynga, announced today.

Originally made available in 2009, Words With Friends has been a hit among iOS- and Android-device users. The game resembles Scrabble by requiring users to form words on a board complete with boxes for double and triple-score letters and words. The game adds some social flair by letting players take on friends from their respective devices. According to the Words With Friends listing in Apple's App Store, the game has more than 20 million players around the globe.

By bringing Words With Friends to Facebook, Zynga has made the game the first that it has ported from mobile platforms to the social network. The company has previously moved its popular online games, including FarmVille, to mobile devices.

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In addition to playing Words With Friends, gamers can post messages and new game challenges to their counterpart's wall. The game supports notifications, which alert players when it's their turn.

Words With Friends is just one of many games that have made Zynga a top player in the social-gaming space. According to the firm, its lineup of titles, including CityVille and FarmVille, in addition to Words With Friends, has more than 230 million monthly active users.

In July, Zynga filed papers with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to go public. The IPO could be valued at as much as $1 billion when the company offers its shares.