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Zoom is coming to Google Assistant smart displays

You can now Zoom into that meeting from your Nest Hub Max.

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Angela Lang/CNET

If you own a Google Assistant-enabled and camera-equipped smart display, you'll soon be able to use it for all those Zoom meetings and happy hours on your calendar. Google on Wednesday announced the popular video-conferencing application will make its way to Google Assistant-enabled smart displays by the end of the year. 

With plenty of people converting, possibly permanently, to working from home, videoconferencing is expanding on nearly every platform. Today, Facebook also announced that Zoom is arriving on Portal devices

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Now, you'll be able to choose from Google's Meet conferencing app or Zoom on a smart display such as the Nest Hub Max. Displays will be able to start the appropriate application whenever you say something like, "Hey Google, join my next meeting." Anyone with a Zoom account, paid or free, will be able to join calls on their smart display. 

This is one in a long list of smart display and speaker updates rolled out by the smart home giant in recent weeks. Others included individual speaker broadcasting, Netflix on smart displays, school-themed activities for kids learning at home and an update to multiroom audio for music streaming.