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YouTube to host Q&A with President Obama

Those who watch the State of the Union address on YouTube can pose questions that President Obama will answer next week.

When President Obama hits the airwaves Wednesday night to give his State of the Union address, YouTube viewers can do more than simply watch.

According to YouTube, "this year's State of the Union speech will also make history." During the speech, those viewing the address on YouTube will be able to ask questions about the speech's content. The address will be displayed on the company's Citizentube page, where people can submit questions via text or video.

YouTube said that people will be able to continue to ask questions of the president for an additional few days, as well as vote for their favorite questions.

But here's the best part: next week, President Obama will answer the top-voted questions in a YouTube interview from the White House. It will be broadcast live on Citizentube.

For now, YouTube hasn't provided an exact time or day when President Obama will answer the questions. It plans to make that information public when it irons out the details.