You can now play YouTube Music on your Google Home for free

Listen to the ad-supported free tier of the music streaming service on your smart speaker.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer

Listen to YouTube Music for free on Google Home Mini. 

Chris Monroe/CNET

Google is expanding your free choices for music on the  Google Home . The search giant owns YouTube , but while you've been able to access the site's premium music streaming service, you couldn't access the free tier of YouTube Music on your smart speaker until Thursday.

You can now play the ad-supported free tier of YouTube Music on the Google Home and the company's other smart speakers, such as the  Google Home Mini . YouTube Music Premium costs $10 a month and gets rid of the ads. Along with YouTube Music, Google's smart speakers currently support both the free and premium versions of Pandora, Spotify and Google Play Music.

You can make any of those your default music service, so when you ask to play a song with a voice command, the Google Assistant built into the Home will search your preferred service first.

The blog post announcing the update specifically mentions smart speakers, so hopefully the change rolls out to smart displays soon. You can play the free tier on smart displays if they're in a group with smart speakers, but not on their own. Starting Thursday, you'll be able to play YouTube Music for free on smart speakers in the US, UK, Australia and a handful of other countries.

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