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Yale's Assure line of locks to get HomeKit-enabling module

Yale announced the $50 iM1 Network Module for HomeKit and Siri, available online and in retail stores in the US and Canada Oct. 16.

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If you already own a Yale lock, but you're yearning to integrate it with Apple HomeKit , have I got good news for you. Yale announced today that the Assure family of locks will now work with the Apple Home app or Siri, if you purchase the new $50 Yale iM1 Network Module. Earlier this year, Yale released a Z-Wave module for $75. This cheaper HomeKit version looks to add even more integration. 


This $50 adds Apple HomeKit and Siri compatibility to Yale's Assure line of smart locks. 


With the new module, homeowners can lock and unlock their home using the Apple Home app or Siri on an iPhone , iPad or Apple Watch . You will need to set up a fourth-generation Apple TV or iPad with IOS 10.3 or later as a home hub in order to lock and unlock automatically or away from home. 

With the iM1 Network Module, the lock can hold up to 250 codes. This is a huge improvement over the original 25 code limit. Manage these codes in the Yale Secure app, where you can also check battery status, customize settings, view lock status and manage lock names. 

Adding Siri voice support makes integrating this lock into your smart home much simpler. Voice controls let you manage your lock with commands like, "Hey, Siri, is my front door locked?" or "Hey, Siri, lock the front door."


Use the Yale app to integrate an Yale Assure lock with Apple Home and Siri. 


With Apple HomeKit, Yale locks can become part of a scene, a sequence of events generated by a voice command such as, "Hey, Siri, I'm going to bed." The scene prompts Siri to do things like lock the door, turn down the thermostat and turn off the lights. 

While Yale says it will make the upgrade available to its entire line of electronic deadbolts, initially the iM1 Network Module will be compatible with just two Yale Assure locks, the new Assure Lock SL (YRD256) and the Assure Lock Key Free Touchscreen (YRD246). We reviewed the Bluetooth version of that lock earlier this year. 

The $50 module will be available at major retailers including Best Buy and Lowes.com. You can also purchase the Assure Lock with the iM1 Network Module for $220. In addition to the iM1 Network Module, Yale will continue to offer its Z-Wave Plus and ZigBee modules. 

Adding HomeKit compatibility is great news for homeowners who already have a Yale Assure lock. If you're in the market for a new smart lock , you'd probably be better off buying a lock that has more smarts and fewer modules, like one of August's HomeKit-enabled locks.