Yale Assure smart locks now work with Xfinity Home

If you've got a Zigbee-enabled Yale Assure lock, you can now control it through Xfinity Home and your X1 voice remote.

Molly Price Former Editor
2 min read

The Yale Assure Lock SL includes options for a Zigbee, Z-Wave or iM1 (Homekit) module. 

Chris Monroe/CNET

Yale Assure smart locks are expanding integrations in the smart home. Yale announced compatibility today with the Yale Assure line of locks and Comcast's  Xfinity Home , a home security and home automation service, when equipped with a Zigbee Network Module. Yale sells network modules for Zigbee, Z-Wave and iM1 (for Homekit) for $50 to make any Assure lock smart home friendly. 

With these three pieces in place, you'll be able to add your smart lock to the Xfinity Home platform. Doing so will let you control and monitor your Yale Assure smart lock from anywhere via the Xfinity Home mobile app for Android or iOS devices. Controls include remote locking and unlocking, checking lock status, as well as creating rules and setting notifications. For example, you can enable a notification to alert you when your smart lock is unlocked after 9 p.m. The integration also works with the X1 Voice Remote for commands like, "Lock the front door". 

The Yale Assure Lock line of smart locks include both key-free and keyed models with touchscreen or pushbutton keypads, each available in multiple finishes. The following four compatible Assure Locks now work with a Zigbee Network Module and Xfinity Home:

None of Yale's smart locks come with Zigbee, Z-Wave or HomeKit compatibility built in. Network modules have been the company's approach to connecting locks with the broader smart home. It's a solution, but one that always comes at an added cost to the consumer. However, if you're already an Xfinity customer and a fan of Yale's lock style, adding a lock with a network module really expands your options. 

We're keeping an eye on the Works with Xfinity program as it adds more products. To find out what else you can connect to your Xfinity Home platform, visit Xfinity's website.