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Wondering how well you slept last night? Just ask Alexa

Eight Sleep's smart mattresses and accessories now work with Amazon Alexa.

Eight Sleep announced Thursday an Amazon Alexa skill for its line of smart mattresses and accessories. Rather than relying exclusively on the related app to learn about your sleep stats and adjust your settings, you can now ask Alexa. 

Here are the three main use cases at launch:

  • "Alexa, how did I/my partner sleep last night?"
  • "Alexa, how long did I sleep/toss and turn?"
  • "Alexa, warm up the right side of the bed." 

Eight Sleep's Alexa skill is compatible with its Mars+ Smart Mattress, its Saturn+ Smart Mattress and its Smart Mattress Cover. 

There are plenty of smart sleep devices sold today, but we haven't yet seen a connected mattress that works with Alexa, or any other voice control platform for that matter. 

Sleep Number's 360 and It beds, for instance, have all sorts of built-in tech that give you detailed sleep stats -- but they don't currently support Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant commands. It seems there's value in being able to ask Alexa to warm the mattress, particularly in the groggy hours when you'd rather not blindly fumble around for your phone.

We're tracking down one of Eight Sleep's mattresses for review and will report back on how useful the Alexa integration really is. 

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