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Windows Phone 7 Marketplace now has 25,000 apps?

One app tracker says Microsoft's platform has hit the key milestone, while another shows it's inching closer.

How many apps are available to Windows Phone 7?
How many apps are available to Windows Phone 7?

Microsoft's mobile-app marketplace might now feature more than 25,000 applications, one report claims.

According to Windows Phone App List, a Windows Phone 7 Marketplace app tracker, Microsoft's store currently has 25,076 applications available to users. However, another Windows Phone 7 Marketplace tracker, WP7applist, claims the store has 24,878 applications. What's more, WP7applist claims 4,044 of those programs are currently "inactive."

Either way, it's worth nothing that neither Windows Phone App List nor WP7applist offer the official stats on available applications in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace--that is reserved for Microsoft.

When Windows Phone 7 launched last year, 1,000 applications were available for the platform. At the end of March, the company reported that that figure had jumped to 11,500 applications, including 7,500 paid apps.

In comparison, Apple's App Store at the time had 350,000 available applications, while the Android Market featured more than 150,000 apps. At its Worldwide Developers Conference last month, Apple reported that there are now 425,000 applications available in its marketplace. At Google's I/O Conference in May, the company said there are 200,000 apps available in its Android Market.

Though Microsoft is still far behind in the total number of apps available, the company has consistently said that application quantity doesn't matter to it. In March, Microsoft said that in the mobile space, it's a matter of "quality over quantity."

Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment on how many applications are currently available in its Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.