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Wii sales in U.S. top 30 million units

Nintendo has sold 30 million units in the U.S. since its console launched in November 2006, hitting that milestone sooner than the best-selling console of all time--the PlayStation 2.


Nintendo has sold 30 million units of its Wii console in the United States, the game company announced Tuesday.

Nintendo reached 30 million units in 45 months since the release of the Wii in November 2006. It hit the milestone 15 months sooner than the world's best-selling console of all time, the Sony PlayStation 2.

Of course, just because Nintendo got to 30 millions units sooner than the PlayStation 2, doesn't mean that the hardware will become the best-selling console of all time. Sony has sold over 145 million PS2 units since the console's release in 2000. That could be a tough figure for Nintendo to catch up to, given the sluggish demand for its console over the past year. The Wii's price cut to $199 has helped bolster sales a bit, but the chances of sales continuing at the pace they once did seem slim.

Microsoft's Kinect, launching in November, and Sony's PlayStation Move, coming in September, might also play a role in the Wii's ability to capture the historic console sales lead. Like the Wii, both the Kinect and the Move will allow gamers to control on-screen action with movement. And although the Move uses a controller to create an experience, Microsoft's Kinect requires just a user's body to control the game.