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We hear you: Readers want to see smart security systems, blinds in the CNET Smart Home

We asked our Twitter followers what smart-home technology we should test next in the CNET Smart Home. Your No. 1 priority: Keeping a smart home secure.

What technology should we include and test next in the CNET Smart Home? Tyler Lizenby/CNET

It's been a busy month at the CNET Smart Home. Along with testing new gadgets, we've kept ourselves busy turning this 5,800-square-foot suburban house into a smart home. We established a strong Wi-Fi network, added automated lighting and installed a smart hub to build a good foundation for the next set of devices we include in the home. But what should those devices be?

We asked the CNET Smart Home's Twitter followers what type of technology they would like to see us test and integrate into the house. We received a variety of answers, but a couple of categories were popular among readers. Most of the responses involved smart-home security -- both protecting personal information connected to a smart home and protecting the home itself:

Folks also want to see window blinds incorporated into the home, especially those that can work in connection with smart lighting.

And we got a lot of wishful thinking, too.

Does that cover everything, or are there other devices and technology we should include in the CNET Smart Home? Leave your comments below, or reach out to us on Twitter.