Walmart will stock your fridge with groceries while you're not home

For security, deliveries can be watched live via a camera worn by the employee.

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Walmart inhome delivery

Walmart's InHome Delivery brings groceries straight to your fridge. 


A new service from Walmart will bring groceries straight from the store to your refrigerator. All that's needed is trust.

As part of Walmart's new InHome Delivery service, the retailer's workers will deliver groceries right into a home or garage refrigerator, the company said Friday. Customers don't have to be home during deliveries.

Walmart customers will be able to select the InHome option and a delivery date when ordering groceries online. An employee will then pick up the items at the store, deliver them to the house and place items that require cold storage in the refrigerator, Walmart said.

To offer access to the home, customers will need to have a smart device that allows one-time entry. As for concerns over having strangers in the home, Walmart said employees will be equipped with a wearable camera that can be viewed live or accessed at a later time. Deliveries will be made by employees who've worked at the local store for at least a year.

InHome Delivery will launch in three cities this fall: Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Missouri, and Vero Beach, Florida. The retailer hasn't yet disclosed how much the delivery service will cost.

In 2017, Amazon unveiled its in-home, in-car, and in-garage delivery for packages called Amazon Key. This past April saw a big increase in the number of cities where the service is available, and Amazon plans to offer more services that require access such as home cleaning, dog walking and repairs.

Walmart didn't immediately reply to a request for comment.