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Walmart may have accidentally revealed Google's next smart speaker

The search giant isn't expected to unveil the speaker until next week.

Google smart speaker
Google's unannounced next smart speaker may've already hit some store shelves. 

Walmart may've given us a sneak peek at an unreleased smart speaker from Google. A Twitter user posted a picture Thursday showing a Nest Audio device, which looks just like an official teaser for Google's next speaker.

"Looks like walmart jumped the gun on the unreleased speaker from google," Marcos Frausto tweeted.

Reddit user throwGNestAudio also shared images of a Google Nest Audio purchased for $100 from Walmart, noting the device's audio quality "blows the original Google home out of the water by a very, very wide margin." 

Walmart and Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Google is expected to unveil its new Nest-branded smart speaker at its Launch Night In event Wednesday, along with other products including the Pixel 5 phone and a new Chromecast -- which was also apparently on sale early at Walmart. Reddit user jsterninja shared a video of what appears to be the new device, while fuzztub07 shared images and a clip of scrolling through the Chromecast interface. fuzztub07 noted that the device cost around $50.