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Video of purported PlayStation phone hits Web

A new video leaked on the Internet shows someone playing Resident Evil on the rumored PlayStation phone. It looks to be in full working condition.


The PlayStation phone leaks keep coming.

Just a few days after photos of the rumored PlayStation phone hit the Web, a new video has been released, showing someone playing Resident Evil 2 and Rage Racer on the device. Like the previously leaked photos, the device has slide-out controls, featuring both a D-pad and the familiar PlayStation buttons. The display boasts a touch screen that seems to respond quite well to the person's taps.

In order to play a game on the device, the person in the video was forced to use an app called ROM Buddy, a third-party program available to Android devices. Because of that, the video didn't necessarily answer the question of what kind of games will be made available to the smartphone-gaming device, assuming it's eventually released.

The video also failed to answer any of the other questions that consumers might have, like when the PlayStation phone will eventually be announced or how much it will cost. Sony Ericsson has remained extremely tight-lipped on that front, and has yet to even confirm the existence of the PlayStation phone.

But based on the frequency of leaks, it seems more likely than ever that an announcement is upcoming. In fact, Sony Ericsson is expected to be in attendance at the Mobile World Congress in February, contributing to rumors that the company will be announcing the device at that event.

The PlayStation phone is expected to run Android and feature a 4-inch display, microSD slot, and micro-USB port.

(Via Edge-Online)