Viaroom Home uses AI learning to predict smart home activity

This startup, backed by ATES Networks, uses AI learning to predict your smart home's habits.

Molly Price Former Editor

Viaroom is an AI-powered multi-hub that learns to predict your smart home's activity. 

Molly Price/CNET

The Viaroom Home, the product of a startup backed by ATES Networks, is a self-learning home controller connected to the internet. It's meant to round up all your smart devices and anticipate home automations based on AI that learns your habits.

A 48-hour setup period allows the Viaroom Home to analyze what's happening in your house. It then begins to anticipate it, creating a room-by-room map of systems like your lighting, heating and appliance controls. After that, the system learns your habits in each room. For example, every time you switch on a lamp manually, the AI learns that and begins to anticipate what time you typically like the lamp to turn on, so you can automate that action.

The Viaroom Home works as a multihub, connecting and syncing smart home products including Philips Hue, Osram, Fibaro, Vera, Aeotec, Google and Amazon Echo . Viaroom includes a firewall module that encrypts the data exchanged between your home and the Viaroom cloud service. Family schedule data is stored and protected inside the physical Viaroom device.

Preorders for the Viaroom Home begin on Jan. 30 for $119 (roughly AU$150 or £90 converted) on the Viaroom website

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