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Use Amazon Echo as your political fact-checker

A new app for the Amazon Echo lets you check to see if politicians are citing the truth.


"Alexa, ask the fact-checkers."

If the presidential debates have you questioning who to believe, Alexa may be able to settle the dispute once and for all. A new app by Duke Reporters' Lab, gives the Amazon Echo a new skill that lets it run political claims through a database of professionally curated fact-checks.

The app branches off of Share the Facts and comes from a partnership with PolitiFact, and the Washington Post's fact checker. When you prompt it, the Echo will run your question through a database of roughly 2,000 checked facts. While it mostly focuses on presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it also includes research on a few other politicians.

You can add this Share the Facts skill by going into the Alexa app on your smartphone and searching through the "Skills" navigation panel. Then say, "Alexa, ask the fact-checkers." After listening to Alexa's spiel you can fire away with the statements you want to be fact-checked.