Use a tension rod to increase storage space under the sink

If space is scarce under your sink, use a tension rod to add another level of storage.

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Taylor Martin
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The space under the sink, at least for me, quickly becomes a catch-all for anything in the kitchen that doesn't have a designated place.

Trash bags, sponges and scrub brushes, dish detergent and at least a dozen different types of cleaners fill and clutter the cabinet space. As such, it gets crowded very quickly.

Fortunately, taking back the space and adding an additional layer of storage will take only a couple of minutes and cost just a few bucks.

What you will need

All you will need for this quick fix is a tension rod. Of course, you will also need all the spray bottle cleaners from under the sink.

Keep in mind that the weight tends to add up quickly with multiple spray bottles, so make sure the tension rod is strong enough to hold upwards of 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms).

Installing the tension rod

Freeing up space under the sink is pretty straightforward:

  • First, remove any tall objects from under the sink that might obstruct the tension rod from being installed.
  • Next, unwind the tension rod until the ends are touching the opposing inside walls of the cabinet.
  • Begin hanging spray bottles over the tension rod by their spray triggers.
  • You can also use S-hooks on the smaller end of the tension rod to hang your scrub brushes or other lightweight cleaning supplies on.

Without spray bottles hogging all the space, you can more easily organize what's left on the floor of the cabinet. Bins or storage containers with drawers can be used to separate paper towels, trash bags, scrub sponges and other cleaners.