The best way to keep food fresh is with a bottle cap

Forget about twist ties and bag clips. Next time you need to seal a bag to keep food fresh or stop it from spilling, use a bottle cap.

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After you've ripped open a plastic bag full of tiny objects, whether it be chocolate morsels or nuts and bolts, resealing the bag and keeping it from spilling and can be tricky.

However, there is a trick I've been using for years to close bags that aren't resealable. Best of all, it's practically free and will only take a minute.

Here's how to reseal bags with nothing more than a bottle cap.

What you will need

For staters, this trick will not work very well with paper bags, like what flour or sugar typically come in. Paper bags are usually too thick and won't allow the bottle cap to screw back on.

Instead, the bag that you're trying to reseal must be plastic.

Additionally, you will need a plastic soda or water bottle and a knife or a sharp pair of scissors. It may also be helpful to have a piece of sandpaper or a small file.

Turning a bottle cap into a bag sealer

First, remove all liquid from the bottle and use a knife or scissors to puncture a hole in the bottle, just below the cap. Cut around the bottle to remove the cap, then trim away as much excess as possible.

Use the sandpaper or file to remove any rough edges and burrs from the bottom of the cap.

Taylor Martin/CNET

Take the bag and bunch the opening together. Remove the lid from the bottle cap and feed the opening of the bag through the bottom of the cap. Fold the bag back over the threads and twist the cap onto the threads.

After you've added the bottle cap, to get to what's in the bag, screw the cap off, then replace it when you're done.

Not only is the bag now resealable, in most cases, pouring from the bag will be much easier. Also, as you use more of what's in the bag, you can continue slide the cap further down onto the bag to keep as much air out as possible. It's not perfectly air tight, but it will suffice in most scenarios.