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TomTom offering real-time traffic data to partners

The firm's data, which includes route times and traffic speeds across the U.S., can be used for hardware and government markets, among others, TomTom said.

The Go 2535 Live from TomTom.
The Go 2535 Live from TomTom.

Navigation company TomTom is offering up its real-time traffic products to "industry partners" around the U.S., the company announced today.

TomTom's real-time traffic offering is made up of three services. Enterprise Traffic pinpoints the exact location of delays, helping routing software modify expected arrival times. TomTom's HD Flow shows a real-time display of traffic speeds around the user's respective area. Finally, the company's Route Times gives better estimates on delays and total travel time. The services are currently being used in products in 13 countries outside the U.S., including Austria, France, and Italy.

TomTom said that it can see its services being used both as standalone products or as part of a navigation system. They're available to hardware makers, as well as companies and government customers that would require such information.

However, the navigation firm didn't just stop with products for partners.

Continuing on the traffic theme, TomTom also announced today that its HD Traffic service, which displays traffic conditions and re-routing possibilities to help users get to their destination sooner, is now available on its entire line of Live navigation devices. Prior to today's announcement, HD Traffic was available only to the company's Go 2535 M Live. Those who own the Go 740 Live and the XL 340 Live now also have access to HD Traffic.

Previously, TomTom's HD Traffic service was available to customers for $119.95 per year. The company said today that it has dropped the price of HD Traffic to $59.95 per year.