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Time Warner Cable gets hit with 'large' outage

The cable provider's service appears to be working fine now, and the company has urged customers to try to reconnect.

Time Warner Cable's Internet customers nationwide experienced a brief outage this morning, the company has confirmed.

"We appear to be recovering from a large but brief internet outage affecting most of our service areas," Time Warner Cable said this morning in a tweet on its customer service Twitter page. The company then asked customers to "attempt to connect again."

At this point, it appears the outage occurred sometime after 6:00 a.m. PT and affected people nationwide, at least from New York to Texas. A quick Twitter search reveals that many Time Warner Cable customers took to Twitter to complain of the outage. However, the issue currently appears to be resolved.

That said, Time Warner Cable appears to have been experiencing some trouble as of late. A couple weeks ago, my Time Warner Cable Internet service went down for several minutes. Upon calling the company, I was told I needed to call back due to a large number of customers calling for support. A subsequent Twitter search at the time revealed that many people were without service both in my area and outside of it. Like today's outage, that issue was quickly resolved.

Whether it was just a Time Warner Cable issue today, though, is unknown at this point. RCN, another cable Internet provider, also apparently experienced some trouble at around the same time as Time Warner Cable, causing some customers from Boston to Pennsylvania to suffer through a brief outage this morning. However, RCN has yet to publicly confirm that the reported outage relates to Time Warner Cable's issues.

Neither RCN nor Time Warner Cable immediately responded to CNET's request for comment.

Updated at 7:20 a.m. PT to include more details.