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Moodo scent machine works with Alexa because even smells are smart

The $189 Moodo is a machine that uses scent capsules to keep your home smelling like "The Gardens of Kanazawa," "Beach Party" and other combinations.

The Moodo scent machine works with four pods that emit smells.
Chris Monroe/CNET

No product is safe from the onslaught of technology -- even the candles, oils and diffuser you deploy to keep your house smelling like an autumnal forest. A scent machine called Moodo aims to smarten up your home's aroma with Wi-Fi-connectivity and integration with Alexa, Amazon's voice-activated assistant. The $189 Moodo (roughly £140/AU$240) is on display at the CES trade show this week in Las Vegas.

Scent pods for the Moodo come in groups of four, called "families."

Chris Monroe/CNET

The Moodo's scents come from a group of four pods, called "scent families," that are filled with scented beads that last for 60 hours of continual use. You have a few options to create the smellscape of your fantasies: You can change the intensity of each pod through the companion app, ask Alexa (if you have an Alexa-enabled device) or select the shuffle mode that automatically adjust the levels to prevent you from becoming "nose blind," according to Moodo.

A home that's pleasing to the nose and technologically advanced doesn't come cheap. A starter pack that includes the machine and three scene families (aka 12 pods) costs $189 for a plug-in Moodo or $209 (about £155/AU$265) for a battery-operated model. Additional scent families cost about $30 each (£20/AU$40).

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