This is how you play music from any streaming service on your Amazon Echo

Alexa doesn't always make it easy to play everything you want on your smart speaker, but we found a workaround for some favorite playlists.

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You can listen to YouTube Music on your Amazon Echo speaker.

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Listening to music is one of your Amazon Echo's daily duties, in addition to sharing the weather and the time of day. But you may have noticed that Alexa doesn't play nice with all your music services. For example, the Amazon Echo app won't let YouTube Music or Google Play Music subscribers listen to playlists on your Amazon Echo. However, you can still connect your iPhone or Android phone to your Echo speaker to listen to any music streaming service of your choice. Here's how.

First, you'll need to make sure you've turned on Bluetooth on your phone before you can begin. Once it's on, say "Alexa, pair." You'll then see your Echo device show up on your Bluetooth device list on your phone. Tap the Echo you want to connect to -- for example, Katie's Echo Dot . When connected, Alexa will say something like "Now connected to Katie's iPhone."

When you're ready to listen to music from a service like Google Play Music or just want to play YouTube audio on your speaker, open the app and select what you want to listen to. The audio will then start streaming from your Echo speaker. If you can't hear the music, make sure the volume is turned up on your phone (and on your Echo, of course).

To disconnect from your speaker, you can turn the Bluetooth off on your phone, disconnect from your Echo in the Bluetooth settings or say, "Alexa, disconnect." Alexa will confirm it disconnected by saying, "Now disconnected from Katie's iPhone." That's it! Now you can listen to music from any streaming service, even if it's not supported by Amazon .

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