Which streaming services let you download for offline viewing?

Online streaming services are now a dime a dozen, but not all streaming services are equal. Some let you download TV shows and movies for offline viewing. Others don't.

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With DirecTV officially joining the world of online streaming video with DirecTV Now , it's safe to say that cutting the cord has gone mainstream. The number of streaming services is growing rapidly each year.

For most, watching movies and television from the comfort of a couch is the norm. But for many, mobile viewing is a new way of life. However, streaming video can chew through a data plan faster than anything else. And the ability to predownload movies and TV shows is irreplaceable.

Which streaming services offer this killer feature? Below, you will find all the major streaming services and whether or not they support offline viewing.

Amazon Prime Video: Yes

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Last year, Amazon rolled out an update that enabled Prime subscribers to download movies and TV shows within the Amazon Prime Video app. Just choose the quality and start downloading.

You can download anything that's included in the Prime subscription, but note you can't download films and TV shows that are only available to rent or buy from Amazon Video.

Crunchyroll: No

Crunchyroll is a popular anime streaming service available on most major platforms. Currently, there is no option to download episodes or movies for offline viewing.

DirecTV Now: No

DirecTV Now offers over 120 live TV channels and over 15,000 on-demand TV shows and movies. It works much like a cable subscription, without a commitment or required equipment. While it does offer on-demand titles, those titles cannot be downloaded to be watched when you're offline.

Netflix: Some


Until recently, you could not download and enjoy shows and movies from Netflix offline. After an update last week, however, that changed. Now you can download movies and TV shows until your heart is content ... or your phone storage is full.

HBO Now: No

HBO Now may not have the largest content library available, but it's got some heavy hitters, like "Game of Thrones," "Silicon Valley" and "Westworld," as well as a rolling catalog of popular movies to choose from. Unfortunately, watching this content offline is not possible.

Hulu: No

With Hulu, you get access to movies, original series, full seasons of television shows and even current episodes after they air. Currently, there is no option to download and watch movies or TV offline with Hulu.

Mubi: Yes

Mubi is a curated movie streaming service for film lovers. It offers hand-picked films that you can stream from all major platforms, save for Roku . And you can download films for up to seven days to watch offline from an Android or iOS device.

PlayStation Vue: No

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PlayStation Vue offers live television and on-demand shows for a large number of channels. Like Sling TV, it does not offer downloading on-demand content for offline viewing from mobile. What it does offer, though, is a cloud DVR function, which allows you to record your favorite shows and watch them later (and skip the commercials).

Showtime Anytime: No

If you don't have a cable subscription and still want Showtime, you can sign up for Showtime Anytime directly. You get all the same programming that you've come to expect through a cable provider, but you can watch it from anywhere. Sadly, there is no option for offline viewing.

Sling TV: No

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Sling TV is a cable replacement offering live television and on-demand titles. It works with Android, Android TV, Apple TV , Amazon Fire TV , Chromecast, iOS, Roku, Windows and Xbox. Despite having some on-demand content, it is not available to download for offline viewing.

Starz: Some

Like Showtime Anytime, you can sign up for Starz to watch without a cable subscription. But with Starz, you can download select titles for watching later, without an internet connection. Titles downloaded will auto-delete after two weeks.

Tribeca Shortlist: Yes

Tribeca Shortlist is a film streaming service with a curated list of the best films. It's available on most major platforms and, as of last year, does allow films to be downloaded locally for offline viewing with an Android or iOS device.

YouTube Red: Yes

YouTube Red not only gives users access to YouTube Red Originals, it also removes ads from videos when viewed in the browser or from within the mobile apps . Another feature it brings is the option continue playing videos with the screen off or downloading videos for viewing without a connection. Downloaded videos are only stored for 30 days.