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The smart home will actually be a thing in Australia by 2021

New research says Australian households will be home to an average of 14 smart home products by 2021, and that the industry will be worth nearly $5B.


Australia has been behind the smart home curve, but it's catching up.

Around 140 million smart home products will be connected in Australian households by 2021, says research firm Telsyte. Right now, only 40 percent of homes have just one smart home device connected.

The firm said each household will have an average of 30.7 internet-connected devices, 14 of which will be smart-home devices. These are products like smart lights, smart alarms and smart fridges, which can be controlled through your phone.

Smart homes will be a AU$4.7 billion industry by 2021, much more lucrative than the AU$377 million spent on smart home products last year.

The US has access to a plethora of smart home gadgets, but Australia is only just getting its game together. Telstra introduced its Smart Home platform last year, and it's possible we could soon get Amazon's Alexa smart home hub, with Amazon recently announcing it's bringing its retail platform down under.

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