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The Minut Point home alarm calls 911 for you

Minut teams up with personal safety company Noonlight on a professional security monitoring service.

Minut's Point all-in-one security system now works with Noonlight's optional professional monitoring service.

Your Point alarm can now contact emergency services for you. That's the news Thursday as security companies Minut and Noonlight join forces.

Minut launched the Point security device on crowdfunding site Kickstarter calling it "the friendly home alarm." We haven't tested out the Point, but it claims to be an all-in-one security product that's simple to install yourself and just as simple to use. 

It looks like a smoke detector, and when mounted to the ceiling, it enlists motion, temperature, humidity and sound sensors to keep an eye on things in the room. 

Scale up from one Point to multiple units if you have a larger home. 

Noonlight is a personal safety company that offers professional monitoring services to third parties. Its partnership with Minut is just the latest in the list, which includes security startup Canary, Google's smart home company, as well as Nest and Lyft.

Noonlight says it works with "certified dispatchers" and contacts them for you if your Point alarm senses trouble. This optional service costs $10 per month. 

Noonlight certainly isn't the first company to offer professional monitoring services to home security manufacturers. ADT Go, developed with Life360, is a personal safety service. It offers professional monitoring, roadside assistance, SOS calls and other safety features for a fee. 

The Arlo Smart Premier ($10 per month) and Arlo Smart Elite ($15 per month) services includes something called "e911." This service is designed to contact first responders in your area if you're worried about your safety. 

Folks with a Minut Point home alarm can sign up for the Noonlight service now. Learn more here.

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