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Target stores to introduce dedicated smart-home sections

Connected Life smart-home departments are coming to a Target near you later this month.


Starting May 26, 1,800 Target stores will start stocking smart-home products in their all-new Connected Life sections. Icontrol Networks first tipped us off that its $199 Piper Classic all-in-one security system will be heading to Target shelves soon as part of this initial launch. A Target spokesperson later confirmed the roll-out via separate email.

"Later this month, Target is launching an 8-foot connected-home statement in Target stores nationwide," said the Target rep. "Products featured within the statement include home cameras and sensors, location tracking devises and digital scales. By "statement," the rep later clarified she meant "a designated area within the electronics department where these products will be showcased on the shelf."

Target isn't the first electronics-carrying chain to give connected devices prime real estate, though. In fact, it's a little behind the curve.

Last year, Best Buy announced that it was updating 400 stores with Connected Home departments so that a growing number of products by brands like Nest and Belkin WeMo would have designated spots in stores. Before that, Lowe's introduced the Iris Home Management System , Staples unveiled two Connect Hub iterations and Home Depot started selling a bunch of smart-home stuff, including the Wink Hub and other Wink-compatible products.

Colin West McDonald/CNET

Icontrol's $199 Piper Classic, pictured above, is a solid home security system. It comes with a siren, various alerts, a 180-degree fisheye lens and a built-in Z-Wave hub. The brand did introduce a premium option to the Piper lineup earlier this year -- the night-vision-equipped NV model -- although Icontrol didn't say that it would be included as part of Target's Connected Life display alongside the less expensive Piper Classic.

I expect that Target will have more details to share as we get closer to the Connected Life launch date, so check back for updates on that front.