Survey: iPad demand beats early iPhone demand

Apple's iPad might lack some integral features, like multitasking, but the device seems to be in high demand as it nears launch day, researchers found.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
Apple iPad
The iPad is in high demand, reports say. Apple

As consumers await Apple's iPad, a new study from market analyst RBC and ChangeWave Research has revealed that the demand for Apple's tablet currently outpaces the original demand for its iPhone. MacRumors first reported on the story.

According to the survey, which was mentioned in a research note to clients by RBC analyst Mike Abramsky, 13 percent of the 3,200 folks surveyed said they were likely to buy an iPad when it's released. According to ChangeWave, initial iPhone demand was at 9 percent prior to the launch of the original iPhone.

Perhaps more importantly, the survey found that just 8 percent of respondents bristled at iPad pricing, compared to the whopping 28 percent that scoffed at the iPhone's original pricing.

The survey found that 19 percent of respondents who said they might buy an iPad would pick up the entry level, $499 model. Another 19 percent of respondents said they would buy the top of the line $829 version. The other versions of the iPad had less interest.

Another interesting fact: 68 percent of respondents said they plan to use the iPad to surf the Web, while 44 percent will check e-mail, and 37 percent will read e-books.

Writing in a research note to clients, Abramsky said that while he doesn't expect the iPad to enjoy the kind of success the iPhone did on its original launch day, the survey "data portends well for healthy initial iPad uptake."