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Study: Windows 98 traffic bests Windows Phone 7

Ad company Chitika unveils some interesting figures about traffic across its ad network. Surprisingly, Windows 98 traffic is still higher than Windows Phone 7.


Windows 98 may have been retired long ago by the vast majority of users, but the operating system is still driving more traffic than the nascent Windows Phone 7, according to Web advertising company Chitika.

The ancient Windows operating system--which has about 0.04 percent worldwide OS market share, according to Net Market Share--secured about 0.019 percent of all traffic on Chitika's ad network at the beginning of January. By contrast, Windows Phone 7 captured a little less than 0.010 percent market share.

It gets worse. Chitika found that Windows Phone 7 has 0.44 percent "as much traffic as iPhone and Android combined."

Chitika has grown to become a sizable advertising network. Founded in 2003, the company said it works with over 100,000 Web sites and serves about 3 billion monthly ad impressions. The data it referenced in its report was taken from those 100,000 sites.

As alarming as Chitika's latest numbers might be for Microsoft, it's important to note that Windows Phone 7 has spent very little time on store shelves. The mobile operating system launched in Europe and Asia in October and was made available to U.S. customers in November.

Microsoft announced in December that 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 devices had been sold to retailers, though the company didn't say how many products had actually made their way into consumer hands.