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Steve Wozniak remembers Steve Jobs, early Apple

The Apple co-founder says to the CBS Early Show that his "mind went blank" when he heard of the death of Steve Jobs.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak sat down with "The Early Show" on CBS this morning to talk about his friend, Steve Jobs.

"When I heard the news, my mind just went blank, like I'd been clobbered with a hammer," Wozniak said on the show, which airs on CBS, the company that owns CNET. "I didn't expect it more than anyone else. Over night, a lot of the memories [came back]: things that we did together, how important they were, the way that Steve thought, and he talked, and his leadership from the early days, and the way he founded things. It's like my head is swirling in it."

And what memories Wozniak must have. Not only did he start Apple with Steve Jobs, but he also helped turn it into the icon that it is today. During the interview, Wozniak talked of the early times at Apple, saying that "it spoke a lot of life, and the passion for life, and the energy to do things."

Apple announced the death of Jobs last night after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 56.

Click on the video below to see "The Early Show" interview with Wozniak.