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'Star Wars' Blu-ray launch upped to September 16

Lucasfilm announces that "Star Wars: The Complete Saga" will launch a bit earlier than its original date of September 27.

Those who are counting down the days to get their hands on "Star Wars: The Complete Saga" on Blu-ray will be happy to hear they'll get it sooner than they thought.

Lucasfilm said today that the set will be available on September 16, 11 days earlier than its original launch date.

For months now, "Star Wars" fans have been anxiously awaiting the nine-disc Blu-ray set, which includes all six of the "Star Wars" films in addition to three discs featuring over 30 hours of special features. Lucasfilm first announced the box set in August and would only say at the time that it would arrive this fall. A follow-up blog post last year confirmed a September release, but the company stopped short of saying exactly when the set would launch.

Back in January, a listing on revealed that the set would be released on September 27--the date that, until today, "Star Wars" fans were banking on. Amazon's listing page now shows the September 16 release date.

"Star Wars: The Complete Saga" on Blu-ray has a listing price of $139.99. However, those who preorder on Amazon can get it for $89.99.